Liposuction - Vaser

Liposuction - Vaser

At Kyra Clinic we have a collective experience of more than 15 years in liposuction constituting 10 years with traditional method, 5+ years with Vaser/Ultrasonic Method and 3+ years with Water Assisted or BodyJet Lipo Methods. Dr. Vikas Gawri is trained in these advanced techniques followed up with consistent results.

    It is essentially ‘LIPOSELECTION’, i.e., it targets only fatty tissues.
  • It spares nerves -- so minimal pain
  • It spares blood vessels -- no bleeding and
  • It spares connective tissue -- better skin retraction
  • As an Advanced Centre for Liposuction, Kyra Clinic offers their clients with all the three techniques of liposuction.

“Today, looks do matter in your professional and personal life.” Firm, toned, and gorgeous looking body is everybody’s desire.

If you are fed up of your love handles (flanks), bingo wings (loose arms), or saddle bags (outer thighs) -- Vaser liposuction is the solution to be sexier you.

Ultrasonic liposuction introduces a new wave in the field of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. It targets the most stubborn fatty areas that do not tend to respond to any amount of exercising or dieting. This procedure offers an approach that is class apart. It works actively to remove the fat besides maintaining the tautness of the skin at the same time.

    It is essentially ‘LIPOSELECTION’, i.e., it targets only fatty tissues.
  • It spares nerves -- so minimal pain
  • It spares blood vessels -- no bleeding and
  • It spares connective tissue -- better skin retraction

Kyra Clinic is pioneer/first in Punjab and northern India to bring this latest technology of Liposuction and Body Contouring. Dr Vikas Gawri is among very few doctors in India to hold all levels of Formal Trainings in Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction. He has an exhaustive experience of more than 10 years.

Dr. Vikas Gawri is the only doctor in Ludhiana who is recommended by Johnson & Johnson company for US FDA approved treatments of Ultrasonic Liposuction & Breast Implants.

VASERlipo® is a minimally invasive ultrasound, body contouring technology. It can be used to eliminate fat from many areas of the body, from love handles to thighs. Using precision contouring, VASERlipo can help you to finally achieve that look you’ve always wanted.

Precision Body Contouring

If you’ve struggled with weight gain, and exercise and diet just haven't given you the dramatic transformation you’d like, VASERlipo™ can help. VASERlipo uses a precise, minimally invasive liposuction technology that produces eye-catching results in just one procedure without the discomfort and long recovery times of typical liposuction treatments. The procedure is tissue-selective, targeting fat while protecting other tissues from damage. It’s powerful enough to eliminate substantial areas of fat but gentle enough to treat delicate areas such as the neck and arms. VASERlipo is clinically proven to produce even results in treated areas, leaving your skin smooth and your body beautiful.

    Key benefits of VASERlipo:
  • Single procedure results with speedy recovery times
  • Improved body contouring over traditional liposuction
  • Easily removes large amounts of stored fat
  • Smoothes skin even in delicate areas like the arms and neck
  • Refines and accentuates appearance of muscles


For over a decade, VASER® has provided high quality, versatile body shaping procedures to patients throughout the world. The VASERlipo® procedure is well-respected and uses trusted ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology. With a suite of body shaping tools and treatments, VASER gives you customized solutions that fit your lifestyle. By choosing VASER, you're getting trusted science and clinically proven results.



The innovative principle of the water-jet assisted method is based on using the gentle power of the water-jet in an intelligent manner.

The innovations of water-jet technology
  • The low mechanical force effect during liposuction, due to a moderate suction and the selective power of the water-jet, allows for a much easier handling of the cannula. In turn making it more comfortable for both the surgeon and the patient.
  • The precise and tissue-sparing detachment of fat cells from the tissue structure minimizes the patient’s pain, swelling, reduces the risk of a hematoma and shortens the convalescent period.
  • The simultaneous irrigation and aspiration, coupled with the smaller volume of tumescent fluid used (approx. 70% less tumescent fluid used for pre infiltration) reduces the stress on the tissue.
  • The use of a centrifuge, or other fat processing procedures, are not necessary which results in time-saving and a better vitality of the fat cells.
  • The smooth and passive mixture of the fat collected in the container improves the consistency of the fat removed from different body areas (e.g. from abdomen and thighs).
  • Easy and direct extraction of the untreated fat cells from the container

Our cannulas enhance the innovative use of the water-jet. They represent one component of the sterile and closed liposuction and fat harvesting system designed in our research and development department.

Our cannulas allow gentle detaching of the fat cells from the tissue whilst simultaneously aspirating them. This saves time and protects the aspirated fat cells. Furthermore, the pressure of the fine, fan-shaped water-jet can be adjusted to the different connective tissue structures. As a result, the surrounding subcutaneous adipose tissue, as well as nerves and blood vessels, remain much less traumatised.

Besides the advantage of a particularly sparing and almost pain-free liposuction, much more vital adipose tissue can be harvested using the water jet-assisted method. The higher the quality and the more vital the harvested adipose tissue is, the greater are the chances that the injected fat cells adhere after autologous fat transfer.

Likewise, we significantly improved the collection and processing of the body’s own fat for autologous fat transfer. The harvested fat is gently separated from the remaining fluid in our LipoCollector® or FillerCollector® and can be immediately used for fat transfer.