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Laser Tattoo Removal

The desire or need to remove tattoos probably has been in existence ever since the trend of getting tattooed exists. However, earlier there weren't any effective methods to do away with the tattoo ink. The laser technologies are considered one of the most miraculous treatments today for many different indications. Similarly, for tattoo removal, the Q-switched laser has been proven to be quite effective. This technology is particularly more effectual on the dark-colored inks such as black and blue.

How does Q-switched laser work for Tattoo Removal?

The Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser breaks the pigment (tattoo ink) in your skin by using specific wavelengths of very high peak energy pulses. These broken tiny pigments are then expelled by the body naturally. The laser beam does not affect any surrounding areas during the procedure.

How many sessions will Laser Tattoo Removal require?

The sessions will vary for each individual depending on the tattoo which needs to be removed. The amateur tattoos can be easily removed within a few sessions as compared to professional and permanent tattoos which may require 6-10 sessions. Other than the size of the tattoo there are some more factors which shall be considered in determining the number of sessions such as color, amount of ink, the depth of the tattoo and the specific body part.

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