Laser Hair Reduction

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Laser Hair Removal

The laser treatment for hair removal works by targeting the dark pigment in the hair follicles i.e. melanin. The laser light generates heat which damages the hair follicles completely.

What are the most commonly treated areas with Laser Hair Removal?

Most of the people think that laser is a treatment meant only for women, however, in recent years lasers have become popular amongst men as well who do not like their hairy body parts. The most common areas for men include beard shaping, chest hair removal, back hair removal, arms & legs hair removal. Males who are in professions like modeling, sometimes, also seek laser treatment for eyebrows and ears. For women, the ideal and most preferred treatment is full body laser hair removal including facial hair and bikini area.

Who is an ideal candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

As the laser focuses on melanin, it works best for people who have light skin tone and dark hair. However, it doesn't mean that laser is not effective for people with darker skin tones. If you have a dark skin tone, you might need more number of sessions as compared to those with lighter skin tone.

Also, today there are different technologies available for different skin types.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

This sounds unbelievable but it is quite true! Yes, the laser destroys the follicles at the root and therefore there's no chance that it will grow back. However, one must not expect complete removal of hair in just a single session. This is because hair grows in phases and laser is most effective on hair during their growing phase i.e. Anagen. So, now you know why you'll be required to undergo multiple session to give yourself a hair-free skin. Usually, 6-8 sessions are enough to achieve good results.

Also, in some cases, the reason for excessive hair growth especially in females can be an underlying hormonal problem. This may result in the growth of unwanted hair once again but if you seek guidance from a professional dermatologist he would first focus on treating the underlying cause for hair growth before suggesting laser hair removal.

Can I bleach my hair before Laser Hair Removal as I can't remove it through waxing or threading?

No. You're advised not to shave, thread or wax your hair because laser needs to target the hair roots in order to eliminate it permanently. And as we said earlier laser targets the dark pigment of the hair, so no, you can't bleach it either at least 3 weeks before the session.

What are the side effects of Laser hair removal?

Except for a tingling sensation, mild redness, and swelling, there are no serious side-effects of laser hair removal. And these symptoms easily subside within a few hours, so there's nothing to worry about the procedure.

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