Body Hair Transplant

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Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplantation is a technique intended to treat large baldness cases with poor donor scalp. So, if you are one among them, who has high baldness level and are looking for a right hair loss treatment, then your search ends here! Dr. Gawri, the leading hair transplant specialist is your ‘go to’ person.

What is Body Hair Transplant?

Body Hair Transplant is the revolutionized treatment in the field of hair transplantation. In this technique, hair from different body parts excluding scalp is used for transplantation.

What are the Common Donor Areas for Body Hair Transplant?

Majorly, the donor areas of FUE Hair Transplant includes sides and back of patient’s head. Few common donor areas for body hair transplant are chest, abdomen, pubic area, etc. In cases, where the density of donor area is low then grafts are harvested from patient’s beard.

Who are the Desired Candidates for Body Hair Transplant?

  • All the patients who have fragile donor area
  • All the patients who have alopecia
  • All the patients who are incompatible for standard hair transplant
  • All the patients who are looking forward to bidding goodbye to bald scalp with FUE technique but are failing due to insufficient hair in the donor area.

Why some patients feature less hair at donor site?

  • The two primary reasons for having low hair at donor site:
  • Excessive hair loss due to a genetic cause
  • The result of previous hair transplants

How to validate the suitability for ‘Body Hair Transplant’?

Dr. Vikas Gawri, a well-known hair transplant surgeon, diligently assesses several aspects to verify the eligibility for Body Hair Transplant. Some of the main factors to be considered are:

  • Existing Length of the Body Hair

  • The similarity between body and head hair

  • Number of follicular units having one or two hair follicles

  • Assessment of hair density above 40 follicular units per square centimeter

  • The comprehensive size of donor area from where the surgeon will extract follicles

What is the differences between a BHT-FUE and a Conventional FUE?

  • In BHT-FUE, donor area is extended from scalp hair to arms, chest, beard, legs, etc. while in conventional FUE, it is restricted to scalp hair.

  • BHT- FUE is intended for the scenarios in which donor area is not dense enough or is no longer apt for extraction of donor material

  • Grafts of BHT-FUE boast different growth cycle as it features only one hair in comparison to 1 to 4 hair in scalp graft

What are the key considerations for successful Body Hair Transplant?

Some of the critical factors that play a vital role in body hair transplant success are:

  • Follicular units growth direction

  • Hair follicle’s depth under the skin of the patient

  • Structure, thickness, and texture of hair follicle

  • Safe and secure grafts storage

  • Hair follicles optimal implantation

  • Usage of a correct extraction method for donor's hair

What are the limitations of BHT?

Several limitations of BHT-FUE are:

  • Donor hair extraction from the body is a bit difficult in comparison to removal from the scalp

  • BHT-FUE is more time-consuming in contrast to already time-taking FUE procedure as hair is to be extracted from the body

  • Why Trust Dr. Vikas Gawri?

  • Dr. Vikas Gawri is a professionally trained as well as certified doctor. Throughout the procedure, from initial consult to the actual surgery, he offers in-person support. If you talk about the survival rate of BHT-FUE, it is not less than 75 to 80%. However, in patients, who have less scalp donor areas, BHT-FUE is a perfect option.

Note: BHT-FUE does not guarantee hundred percent implant.

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