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What is a Rhinoplasty(Nose Reshaping) or Nose Job procedure?

Rhinoplasty, also popularly known as Nose Job is the plastic surgery procedure to change or redefine the appearance of the nose which also helps to give your face a more aesthetically appealing look. If you are unhappy with a nose as it is too small or too large for your face, or if it's crooked due to a mishappening (an accident or deformities since birth), trust Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Ludhiana, Dr. Vikas Gawri.

The shape & the size of your nose can be dependent on many factors including heredity. If we talk scientifically, how your nose looks is determined by the structure underneath i.e. bones & cartilages. So, to alter the shape & size of the nose, a rhinoplasty surgeon modifies the size and/or the position of the nasal bones and cartilages. However, you should have a realistic expectation from the surgery because your nose can't look like that of your favorite celebrity. Depending on your desires, the structure of your nose, and your overall facial appearance an experienced nose surgeon like Dr. Vikas Gawri will suggest what is possible while avoiding any complications at the same time.

Why should I get Rhinoplasty done?

Some of the most common problems for which people consider a rhinoplasty surgery include:

1. a bulbous round tip

2. a hump along the bridge of the nose

3. a nose that is too long

4. a nose too wide

5. a nose that looks too droopy
Besides its critical function, the nose is the most important consideration in human beauty. Placed right in the middle of the face, this is one of the first to be noticed organs in a human body and therefore plays a major role to make one look aesthetically pleasing and determines the masculinity or femininity of the face.

How does Rhinoplasty help in correcting Breathing Problems?

The nasal septum is the wall that separates the nostrils. If it is crooked, it partially or entirely blocks the airways on the nostrils and leads to breathing problems. But, thanks to the rhinoplasty surgery, this deviated septum can also be treated.

Rhinoplasty isn't just a cosmetic surgery procedure but it's also referred to as 'corrective rhinoplasty' or ‘septoplasty’ when the surgery is being done to rectify the deviated septum and therefore 'correcting' the breathing issues. So, the corrective rhinoplasty focuses to repair a deviated septum, shrink the size of turbinates (nasal tissues), or exclude nasal polyps (tiny benign growths inside the nose). Also, if you do not wish to change the external appearance of your nose you shall discuss it with your nose surgeon who shall then do the needful.

What are the different types of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty or Nose surgeries can be mainly categorized into Functional and Corrective Rhinoplasties based on the purpose of the procedure.

1. Functional Rhinoplasty to correct the physical abnormalities

1.1 Correcting the Deviated Septum (Septoplasty)

1.2 Reduction of enlarged Turbinates

1.3 Removal of Nasal Polyps

1.4 Osteotomy for Nasal Fractures

2. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty to modify the shape & size

2.1 Straightening the crooked nose

2.2 Projection adjustment

2.3 Tip Rotation and Reduction

2.4 Nasal Width Reduction (Alarplasty)

2.5 Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Does Rhinoplasty leave Visible Scars?

In Rhinoplasty, majorly incisions are made inside the nose and are completely invisible. Only one incision done on the columella, the base of the nose is visible as it is external. However, it fades away with time as the healing process is complete.

Do Nose Jobs really hurt?

As this is a surgical procedure, many of us are afraid to go under the knife considering the pain it would cause. Rhinoplasty is usually carried out under local anesthesia which numbs the nose and the face thereby minimizing the pain or sensation during the surgery. In some cases, general anesthesia maybe used such as for children.

How long is the recovery for a Nose Job?

Nose job or Nose reshaping surgery is a lunchtime procedure which means you don’t have to stay overnight at the hospital. Post Surgery, you can go home within a few hours after the procedure. Your surgeon might suggest you to take a break from work for at least a week to a fortnight and you may have to wear a nasal splint.

What are the side effects of Nose Surgery?

Every cosmetic surgery includes risks, and same is the case here. Majorly, patients get the desired improvements with great ease. However, if there is any complication, you can go for a touch-up surgery.

In some very rare cases, there can be mild swelling which will settle down in a few hours, or a minor wound infection which your doctor can take care of. Every year, tens and thousands of individual undergo facial plastic operation effortlessly.

Is it safe to have Nose Surgery?

It is but obvious that you’re concerned about the safety. You might have come across various stories about ‘nose job gone wrong’. However, if you choose the right rhinoplasty surgeon, you’ll not have to worry about the risks. By ‘the right rhinoplasty surgeon’ we mean the one who has been trained to do this procedure, is board certified and has ample of experience in performing nose surgeries. So, stop worrying and get a consultation with Dr. Vikas Gawri, who can help you eliminate any further doubts you have about the rhinoplasty surgery.

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