Brow Lift

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Forehead or Eyebrow Lift

A sagging brow is one of the most common concerns one has to deal with as they age. Eyes including the eyebrows play an important part in expressing one's emotions but once the aging takes its toll droopy brows make you look always tired or sad.

Types of Eyebrow Lift

1. Endoscopic Brow Lift

A less invasive yet result-oriented method in which very small incisions are made behind the hairline so as to conceal them. Then the muscles are repositioned, excess fat is removed and tissues are lifted.

2. Temporal Brow Lift

In this type of lift, the incisions are a bit longer than the previous type. It is very frequently performed in combination with an eyelid surgery. As the name suggests the incisions are placed alongside the temples just behind the hairline. And if done in combination with blepharoplasty it addresses your concerns regarding droopy eyebrows as well as the frown lines.

3. Classic Brow Lift

This is an old-fashioned technique as the other two techniques mentioned above are less invasive than this one. Also known as Coronal Brow Lift, this surgery involves making an incision from ear to ear. Then the surgeon will remove excess fat, tissues, and skin while repositioning the muscles to give your forehead a lifted look.

However, only a qualified surgeon will be the best person to suggest you which type of forehead lift will be more beneficial for you, for e.g. in some cases, a Classic lift may be necessary to provide optimum results.

Who is the right candidate for a Brow Lift?

If the following factors concern you, you can choose to undergo an eyebrow lift.

  1. Sagging eyebrows which make you look unapproachable.

  2. If you have horizontal forehead lines.

  3. If you have deep frown lines (vertical lines) between your brows.

  4. Must have realistic expectations.

  5. Must have a good overall health.