Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction, popularly known as Mammoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure to reshape and modify the breast's appearance. Using this surgery, you can easily eliminate surplus breast fat and glandular skin & tissue, and alleviate discomfort caused by disproportionate large breasts.

Having a balanced and a proportionate breast and body is a desire of every woman. When it comes to Breast Reduction Surgery, you should choose an expert plastic surgeon to be assured of the good results. If you are looking for a surgeon in North India, you should definitely get in touch with Dr. Vikas Gawri, a certified plastic surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Who is the right candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • If you have big breasts

  • If you have sagging breasts

  • If you have disproportionate breasts

  • If you feel pain in the neck, chest, back, & shoulders due to big breasts

  • If the breast size causes difficulty in breathing

  • All those who suffer from inframammary intertrigo(lower breast-hemisphere skin infection)

Who is not eligible for Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • Women suffering from systemic illness

  • Lactating Women or women who have recently stopped lactating

  • Women who feature unidentified and unevaluated micro-calcifications or tissue masses on breasts

  • Women who are not well-aware about the plastic surgery’s technical limitations

What techniques do the surgeons use for Breast Reduction Surgery?

1. Free Nipple-Graft Technique

It is the most preferred technique for women with really large breasts as they would require more resection of tissues. Using this technique, a greater volume of breast tissues can easily be removed, and as a result, women get a proportionate & elevated bust. However, it may result in an insensitive nipple-areola complex leading to negligible lactation capability.

2. Inferior Pedicle Technique In-Line with Inverted-T Incision

Another advanced technique. In this, firstly on the nipple-areola complex, a peri-areolar incision is made. As a next step, this incision is further extended downwards towards the breast hemisphere. The desired amount of skin, glandular, and adipose is removed and cut providing an elevated look to the patient by transposing nipple-areola complex upon the breast hemisphere.

3. Lollipop Incision or Vertical Scar Technique

Vertical Scar technique is an ideal option for small areas. To put it simply; using this technique small amount of internal tissues can easily be removed. This type of mammoplasty is performed on inferior and lateral sections of the breast hemisphere.

4. Liposuction-Only Technique
This technique is for women, whose breasts are by and large designed using adipose tissues and mild ptosis. The small incision to breast interior, a small scar, and faster post-op recovery are few of its unique advantages. The only limitation is that the breast tissue amount is reduced to a certain extent only.

5. Lejour Technique

In this technique, the technician makes a vertical incision. This advanced technique includes superior pedicle, breast liposuction accompanied by skin deflation in the breast’s lower part.

What Post-Operation Care is suggested for Breast Reduction Surgery?

The patient gets discharged on the same day from the hospital. Not only this, he/she can also resume day-to-day activities like walking etc., and eat light meals on the same day. However, there is a restriction in the shower, i.e., a patient cannot shower on first 3-days post-op. Strenuous physical activities are to be avoided, and sports bra is recommended for better support during convalescence. The patient has to follow this routine for next 3-months at least.


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