Breast Implant

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Breast Implant

Breast Implant is a viable technique to get fuller breasts. Trust this technique to regain breast volume post childbirth or weight reduction. To know more about this treatment, consult Kyra Clinic, a renowned cosmetic surgery center for breast implant surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

What is a Breast Implant?

Breast is one of the most vital parts of woman's identity. The breast represents beauty, femininity, and most importantly, motherhood. However, some women fail to experience it naturally due to many different reasons. In such situations, Breast Implant is one of the most sought after cosmetic surgery technique.

What are the different types of Breast Implants?

Depending upon its content, there are two types of implants:

1. Saline Implants: Self-explanatory, these implants are made of salt water solution. This solution is packed inside supple silicon shell. Before USFDA approval, these were extensively used for cohesive gel implants. Generally, these are quite safe, but in the long term, they lead to problems like deflation and rippling, sometimes.

2. Silicon Gel Implants: These are USFDA accredited implants. Apart from standard round or circular shapes, these are also available in anatomic or teardrop shape. With these implants, an individual can expect the breasts appear as more rounded and fuller. At Kyra Clinic, we trust specifically on MENTOR brand Implants.

How Breast Enlargement Procedure Takes Place?

This medical treatment is administered under general anesthesia. On an average, the entire surgery consumes approx. 2 hours to complete.

The locations where implants are inserted are as follows:

  • Sub Glandular(Underneath the gland)

  • Sub Muscular(Beneath the muscle)

  • Dual Plane(Both below the muscle and the gland)

How does Doctor Decide Where to Create a Specific Pocket?

This decision depends heavily on breast tissue character and implant type.

What are the Common Breast Augmentation Approaches?

All over the world, the surgeons trust the circum areolar and Inframammary crease approach for the breast implant.

Being comprehensively well-hidden, the inframammary crease approach is widely preferred technique by doctors as well as the patients. In this technique, a 5 cm incision is made under the breast in such a manner that it fades away effortlessly in a stipulated period. Moreover, it falls directly under the natural crease.

The Circum areolar approach uses breast and nipple skin's natural color interface to hide the scar as the incision is made under inside the lower half circle of areola or nipple.

What is the Recovery Period of Breast Implant Treatment?

Small tubes placed for draining off collected fluid are removed within 24 to 48 hours. Facing swelling, discomfort, bruising, and stretching are quite normal post surgery. Majorly, an individual can quickly resume light daily activities after 24 hours or desk jobs after 3 to 4 days. In some cases, women experience diminished sensation over the breasts but don't worry as it generally goes away within a fortnight.

What Complications Can a Woman Face Post Operation?

Some of the post-operation complications of breast enlargement surgery are wrongly positioned implants, sensory alteration, infection, or serous fluid or blood collection. However, no need to worry as all these are rare and can be resolved easily at the hospital by your surgeon.

Are Breast Implants Safe and what Aftercare is required?

Yes, breast implants are perfectly safe. As misconceptions prevail, neither it augments cancer or tumor chances nor does it affects the breast functionality like breastfeeding. Post operation fondling of the breast for a month is strictly prohibited.

Dr. Vikas Gawri is an experienced and board certified surgeon for breast augmentation. He stringently adheres to advanced and latest techniques to deliver an improved figure. The unique trait about Dr. Gawri is his in-person and thorough approach.

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