Beard hair transplant

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Beard hair transplant refers to transplanting hair follicles in the region of beard and follicles are taken from the scalp. This procedure shall be considered if the person is not able to grow his beard which can be due to various possible reasons. Whatever the reason may be, a beard hair transplant can provide you with a long-lasting solution to this problem. Also, in some cases, the reverse process happens, hair follicles from beard are taken and transplanted on to the regions of hair thinning on the scalp. This is done when there are not enough grafts on the scalp. In such extreme cases, hair follicles may need to be extracted from beard in case of men. However, to get consistent and natural growth of hair follicles, follicles may be extracted both from beard as well as scalp. This is because some patients may have straight hair on the scalp and curly hair in the beard. Combining these two helps largely in getting predictable results.

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