Facial fat transfer

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As we age, hollow spaces are created in inner regions of our face resulting in sagging, tired, and moisture-deprived skin which leads to more aged and matured look. Let your intelligence mature, and not your skin.

The facial fat transfer is a clinical procedure which aims to fill these hollow spaces of your face thereby reducing frown and laugh lines. The procedure is also capable of erasing fine lines, wrinkles and can tighten your loose, sagging skin. Thus, it is a clinical treatment meant to address your comprehensive aging issues and lend a youthful hue to your face. The best part of this procedure is that the filler used in this case is your own body fat. This makes this procedure a lot more reliable and safe. Moreover, the face chances of accepting the filler by your body maximize as no alien substance is used as filler. It is very known, body’s own fat and thus better accepted by the body.

The procedure is quite simple and in most of the cases, it is done by utilizing fat extracted from liposuction of other body areas. Thus, you can get both the procedures done and get a toned figure as well as plump and voluminous face simultaneously. Even, if you are not going for liposuction, a small amount of fat extracted from fatty areas like tummy, buttocks or thighs can help largely in attaining the goal of fat transfer.

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